ZPC J. Chylak started operating on Polish market in year 1947.

At the beginning it was production of bread, rolls and other bakery products. Through the years, in spite of difficulties of  communist regime, company managed to develop new lines of activity. In early sixties of twentieth century were introduced fresh cakes and in recent years various kinds of biscuits and cookies.

Our products are based on traditional recipes applied to modern technology of production. In our factory we use natural ingredients, purchased from very well selected suppliers who respect our policy of creating natural products with traditional taste and excellent quality.

We are proud to announce that our company fulfilled the requirements of  BRC Global Standards for Food Safety Issue 6: Julay 2011 and it is confirmed by Certificate Side Code: 2660927. 

At present we can offer over 70 products presented below, and we  develop newproducts and expand our production lines.